The Community - La Claudina Colombia
The Community - La Claudina Colombia
The Community

The Community - La Claudina Colombia

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Tasting Notes: Lively Acidity, Delicate Sweetness, Juicy.
Recommended for Filter and Espresso.

Cupping Notes: Red plums, Green Kiwi, Elderflower, Light Honey, Red Currants.

Varietal: Tabi
Origin: Antioquia, Colombia
Farm: Juan Saldarriage
Producer / Co-Operative: Juan Saldarriaga
Harvest: October 2021
Processing: Anaerobic Fermentation, Dried in mechanical dryers.
Weight: 200G

Our “EXPERIMENTAL” showcase this month comes from the Antioquia region of Colombia! This region is known for high humidity, which makes drying coffees very challenging. Over the last few years, Juan Saldarriaga has developed new drying techniques to overcome this, such as ventilated parabolic dryers as well as mechanical “cold” dryers.

This is the 3rd year we’ve purchased from Juan Saldarriaga. In the previous years, we have showcased coffees from his other farm, El Encanto. La Claudina sits at 1400-1600MASL in the Cuidad Bolivar region of Antioquia & Juan leads a group of producers who are also determined to change the perception of customers about the coffees from this region. Although young, Juan has showcased his determination in achieving quality, such as immediately making changes to his drying facility after being advised about drying under shaded conditions.

This lot is made up of the Tabi variety, which is one of few varieties that Juan grows on both his farms. He has recently experimented with anaerobic fermentation, which allows for a fruitier expression of his coffees. This coffee exhibits bright & juicy notes, like Red Plums, Currants as well as Green Kiwi. The delicate sweetness reminds us of elderflower syrup & light honey which provides a balance to the bright & vibrant flavours!

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