The Community - Los Idolos Colombia
The Community - Los Idolos Colombia
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The Community - Los Idolos Colombia

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Tasting Notes: Ripe Acidity, Fruit Sweetness, Syrupy.
Recommended for Filter and Espresso.

Cupping Notes: Blood Orange, Pink lemonade, Darjeeling Tea, Red Apple, Blackcurrants, Toffee.

Varietal: Caturra, Castillo
Origin: Narino, Colombia
Farm: Los Idolos
Producer / Co-Operative: Marleny Lasso
Harvest: May 2021
Processing: Pulped, Dry Fermented 18-24hrs, Rinsed & Dried in Parabolic dryers.
Weight: 200G

For our September “CLASSIC” category, we are so excited to welcome back a coffee that we’ve featured for the last 2 years, Los Idolos by Marleny Lasso! Los Idolos is situated in the highlands of Narino, which in our opinion is one of the best producing regions in Colombia due to its incredibly high altitude & surrounding terroir.

Marleny grows mainly Caturra & Castillo on her farm which she manages with her husband Edgar. As with most small producers in Colombia, they own a beneficio where they process their own cherries. In this case, the coffees are pulped & dry fermented in tanks for up to 24 hours. Fermentation times are typically longer in high altitudes due to the lower temperatures, allowing for more complexity & depth to the flavours.

We consistently look forward to Los Idolos for a few reasons; we personally find that it represents the quintessential profile from our favourite producing region in Colombia. The flavours of the coffees are incredibly dense, with a distinct juicy acidity & balanced with an intense sweetness.

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