The Community - The Pinnacle Series Manantiales Gesha
The Community - The Pinnacle Series Manantiales Gesha
The Community

The Community - The Pinnacle Series Manantiales Gesha

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Tasting Notes: Juicy sweetness, Delicate.
Recommended for Filter.

Cupping Notes: Lychee, Mandarins, Rose syrup, Orange blossom, Tencha.

Varietal: Gesha
Origin: Valle Del Cauca, Colombia
Farm: Manantiales Del Frontino
Producer / Co-Operative: Andres Londono
Harvest: March 2022
Processing: Whole cherry fermentation, Pulped & 2nd Fermentation, Fully Washed.
Weight: 120G

Our “Pinnacle” offering is typically a showcase of coffees that exceed our expectations & this coffee is a perfect example of it. The microclimate at Manantiales Del Frontino in the famed region of Valle Del Cauca is perfect for the delicate Gesha variety to thrive in. The lush forestry provides ample shade from the direct sunlight, creating a conducive environment for the coffee shrubs. 

Andres has consistently adopted multiple stage fermentation to his crops to elevate the fruity characteristics in each varietal. Earlier this year we showcased a Red Bourbon as well as a Tabi variety; both coffees displayed the sweet & nuanced fruit notes that are so distinct with high quality Colombian coffees. This Gesha was fermented in its whole cherry form before being pulped & fermented further to increase the depth of flavours. The coffees were then rinsed & dried slowly, a crucial step in ensuring a clean & clear taste experience. 

We’re absolutely in awe of this Gesha which exudes the intense floral notes typically associated with Geshas from Panama. The acidity is elegant, reminding us of mandarins followed by a juicy sweetness like lychees. The entire experience is delicate yet displaying enough intensity to keep you savouring for more!

In 2017, Emilio’s coffee turned up a score of 90.25 in a competition run by Cafebras, an exporter with a specialty program. This was the turn for him as he was invited to Oslo to meet with the buyer from Nordic Approach who have been consistently buying his coffees from there on.

Emilio does a short fermentation before naturally drying his coffees, increasing the perception of the coffee’s sweetness. The coffees are also dried on raised beds which aren’t a common practice in Brazil. This increases the clarity and cleanliness of the coffee’s flavours.

Fazendinha #3 is an incredibly sweet & lively coffee! We are so amazed at the flavour profile of this coffee & so humbled to be able to share this as it truly represents a producer’s willingness to reinvigorate his farm despite the challenges he faced.

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