The Community - Worka Wuri - Ethiopia
The Community - Worka Wuri - Ethiopia
The Community

The Community - Worka Wuri - Ethiopia

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Tasting Notes: Juicy, Ripe, Mouthwatering, Floral.
Recommended for Filter and Espresso.

Cupping Notes: Bergamot, Honey, White Flowers, Lemon Tea, Kaffir Lime, Lemongrass.

Varietal: Mixed Heirloom
Origin: Colombia
Region / Washing Station: Worka / Wuri Washing Station
Producer / Co-Operative: Various Smallholder Farmers
Harvest: January 2021
Processing: Full Washed
Weight: 200G

This is our 3rd year purchasing from the Wuri Washing Station. We came across this washing station in 2018, when World Barista Champion Berg Wu worked with them to develop specific lots under the “Berg Wu Selection”. We’ve been in love with the uniformity & quality of coffees from Wuri ever since!

Wuri Washing Station is situated in the town of Worka, in Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia. This region needs no introduction to coffee lovers & is one of our favourite regions to produce coffee ever. The washing station itself sits atop an altitude of 2000-2200 MASL and buys cherries from up to 850 producers. The standard procedure includes density grading, depulping & a wet fermentation for up to 12 hours. Ethiopia is one of the very few producing countries that practices wet fermentation, which is soaking the pulped seeds in water before it is rinsed and dried on raised beds.

Coffees from Wuri stands out for its incredible uniformity, which makes roasting it a dream. The coffee is incredibly lively, with a distinct juicy acidity and ripe sweetness. It leaves the palate with a mouthwatering sensation, and finishes with floral notes, which reminds us a lot of white flowers.

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