Timemore Brew Scale - White Nano
Timemore Brew Scale - White Nano

Timemore Brew Scale - White Nano

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Elegant Espresso Scale | The accuracy is 0.1g, the height is only 2cm, suitable for the espresso machines. At Espresso mode, auto tare and timing, then flash and record data when finishing the extraction.

Simplify Coffee Brewing | The innovative 36.5° inclined plane, multiple angles view the data even though coffee server placed on the small surface, Pour-Over Auto-Timing function as Black Mirror Basic+.

High Accuracy Data | Both the readability and the initial minimum weighable are 0.1g. Build-in high-precision sensors and all-metal structures make the scale precise, sensitive, high consistency.

Flow Rate Measurer | Tap the side button to display the real-time flow rate data, which can help novice brewers practice and optimize pour-over coffee brewing skills by observing the flow rate.

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