Timemore Chestnut S3 Handgrinder - Matte Black
Timemore Chestnut S3 Handgrinder - Matte Black

Timemore Chestnut S3 Handgrinder - Matte Black

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Timemore Chestnut S3 hand-cranked bean grinder is the latest hand-cranked bean grinder launched by Timemore Company. Its key features include a lens-style external adjustment scale that makes the adjustment process smoother and provides an excellent feel. The adjustment of each step of this grinder is very fine, reaching 0.015mm. Additionally, it features a patented foldable handle for easy portability and storage. These designs make the Lizi S3 a high-performance and easy-to-use hand grinder suitable for coffee lovers and professionals.

Features of Timemore chestnut S3 external hand grinder:

  • Lens-type external adjustment scale : Provides a silky smooth adjustment experience with excellent hand feel.
  • Ultra-fine adjustment : Each step is adjusted to 0.015mm, providing precise control of grinding bean size.
  • Patented foldable handle : Novel design, easy to store and carry.
  • Original S2C 890 cutterhead: achieves high grinding uniformity, better sweetness and layering performance
  • Lens ring-type external adjustment design: just like a professional camera, it feels dense and does not loosen up.
  • All-metal integrated body: integrated high-precision processing, precise and stable, durable
  • Fully customized high-precision bearings: reduced clearance, 20% accuracy improvement, compatible with hand brewing and espresso coffee

Timemore chestnut S3 external hand grinder product specifications:

Style: black
Product name: Lizi S3 coffee bean grinder
Weight: about 798g
Product material: aluminum alloy + stainless steel + silicone
Coffee bean warehouse capacity: 30g coffee beans
Product size: Body 1821mmx55mm, handle 163mm

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