Timemore Ice Dripper (White)
Timemore Ice Dripper (White)
Timemore Ice Dripper (White)
Timemore Ice Dripper (White)
Timemore Ice Dripper (White)

Timemore Ice Dripper (White)

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Recipe : French Press ground coffee, ice cubes and cold water. Approx 7 to 10 gr per 100 ml of water.

Add coffee into the coffee container; ground as course as sea salt.

If you have too many fines they'll block the mesh filter. Pour water on the grounds to ensure they're all saturated, this keeps the grounds flat.

Place the filter paper on the top of the ground coffee, this ensures even distribution of water and that all the coffee gets used in the process, otherwise you'll have a hole in the grounds and inconsistent coffee taste as not all the grounds are used. The coffee container should sit nicely in the upper container. Next take the dripper and turn off the valve to stop the water flow.

Place upper container on the lower glass container Add ice to the first mark on upper container Next take the cold water and pour in until nearly at the line marked with 4 on the server. Ensure the valve is on the slowest drip.

O = stop dripping 1-4 slow to fast dripping. About 7 drops in 10 seconds. Put the lid on and let it do its work. Takes about 2-4 hours.


Glass server with markings

2 = 200ml, 3= 300ml and 4 = 400ml

Weight: 640g Includes a sample pack of filter paper (we've got more, so don't worry).

Also available in black.

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